Prior to the official establishment of Aino University in 2004, Aino Hospital, Ibaraki, Osaka, was established in 1965. To supply nurses mainly with Aino Hospital, the school for nursing was opened in Aino Hospital in 1968. The academic foundation, Aino Gakuin Foundation, was approved by the Government, and Aino School for Nursing was included under the management of Aino Gakuin Foundation in 1979. Aino Junior College of Nursing was founded in 1985. Shiga School of Medical Technology was established as an educating institution of Aino Gakuin Foundation in 1996.

In April 2004, Aino University was established with Department of Nursing, Physiotherapy, and Occupational Therapy. Aino Senior High School was founded in 2007. The Second Department Faculty of Healthcare Science involving Aino Junior College was founded in 2007. Department of Medical Engineering was added to Aino University in 2010. Career Development Center was approved in 2014. The Graduate School for Nursing was added to Aino University in 2015.