Message from the President

Katsuya Kanda, PhD, President, Aino University
President, Aino University
Katsuya Kanda, PhD

Aino University was established in 2004 with three departments, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. The Department of Medical Engineering was added in 2010 and the Graduate School of Nursing was established in 2015. The mission of the university is to “foster healthcare professionals who deeply love people, maintain pride in their profession and continue to improve themselves throughout life”, and the educational philosophy is “Saluti et solatio aegrorum”, meaning “not only treat but also comfort patients”.

The birthrate in Japan is declining and the population is aging at an unprecedented rate. The incidence of chronic diseases is increasing, and the population requiring long-term treatment or care is also increasing rapidly. The declining birthrate and aging population have changed the structure of families, family life and communities, and healthcare services now require diverse forms. In addition, the improvement of public health literacy has made the provision of customer-focused services an important issue. On the other hand, recent advances in technology and life sciences have greatly benefitted those with illnesses. However, fiscal and human resources for healthcare services are limited, and they must be made more efficient.

In order to respond to the increasing complexity of needs and the diversification of required services in healthcare and welfare, the interdisciplinary approach to healthcare and community-based integrated care system are being promoted. In such healthcare situations, each healthcare professional must decide independently and respond sufficiently. Moreover, there can be more than one answer in the healthcare field, and there are often no answers. Current healthcare professionals are required to have the ability to reflect on themselves and to continue learning, and the ability to think for themselves and derive answers. At Aino University, the teachers with rich clinical and educational experience provide education that emphasizes the development of the students' ability to learn and think.

Aino University, a community of teachers, students, staff and many alumni, welcomes highly motivated young people to contribute to the future of healthcare.