Vision of Aino University

In the rapid movement of social and economic changes together with health, medical care, and welfare system, we will produce medical care professionals with rich humanity, and solid ethics and the best of adaptability and creativity, who can be active in the field of practice, education and research in medical and health science field.

Mission of Aino University

Aino University sets the educational goals for our students as follows;

  1. Medical professionals with heart of loving people with rich cultivated mind.
  2. Medical professionals who can provide health and medical services with attending mind.
  3. Medical professionals who can carry out his/ her own role among the health care team.
  4. Medical professionals with an international perspective.
  5. Medical professionals who continue to learn throughout his/ her life to develop excavation-solving skills.

Policies of Aino University

Admission Policy

Aino University accepts the students who are willing to be involved with medical, welfare, and healthcare service with compliance to the mission of Aino University.

Curriculum Policy

Aino University clearly declares our diploma policy to educate the student. The curriculum of Aino University sets the goals as follows;

  1. The main frame of the curriculum is composed of the following three subjects; basic subjects, basic-special subjects, and specialized subjects.
  2. The number of units to be earned by students are properly assigned to basic, basic-special, or specialized subjects.
  3. The basic subjects should include liberal arts, foreign languages and basic sciences.
  4. The basic-special subjects should include courses to acquire basic common knowledge of health science, care, and welfare
  5. The specialized subject should include a course for team care, and team medical serve, a course for thesis writing.
  6. For the smooth transition from senior high school, the first year course is rich and well organized.
  7. The curriculum should include the one to cultivate students nature with full installation of ethics.
  8. The integration of seminars and clinical experience is designed to deepen the knowledge and improvement of skills.
  9. The curriculum should be designed to be prepared for self-learning with solid background knowledge.

Diploma Policy

Aino University will issue diploma to the student who are equipped with the adequate level of knowledge, skills, and capacity in their specialized area together with enough education in liberal arts and mind of loving people. The Aino graduates are expected to keep the attitude of self-learning throughout their lives. Considering these points, Aino University sets the diploma policy as follows;

  1. The graduates of Aino University (abbr. Aino graduates) should understand the dignity and variety of human beings and have sympathy for the importance of maintaining the natural; environment.
  2. Aino Graduates should behave with adequate self-discipline.
  3. Aino graduates should be able to have good communication with others by understanding the others.
  4. Aino graduates should be equipped with basic skills required for social life, ethical judgement, and cooperative behavior in the society.
  5. Aino graduates are expected to learn knowledge about human, culture, history, science, and technology of the society.
  6. Aino graduates can make use of information properly.
  7. Aino graduates can think logically, write clearly, and speak properly.
  8. Aino graduates can see things from an international perspective.
  9. Aino graduates should have high ethics in their profession.
  10. Aino graduates should understand the importance of team care service.
  11. Aino graduates should have learned systematically the basic knowledge, skills, and capacity required for their activity in their profession.